Saturday, January 31, 2009

I took the lead in my breast stroke finishing with my best time i've ever gotten a 1:17 2nd place came in 1:18 this was a very good racing day for me

me in my breast stroke.

A Good year for the vikings swim... 
me in my breast stroke.
i've just been swimmmmming every day trying to get faster than everyone else.. it is really more difficult than i thought it would be.. but whenever i come out of my races and i see my name up on the time board it's all worth it. Vikings took region this year in both boys and girls. We are ranked 3rd  in state right now.
just kinda relaxin latley.... 
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Friday, October 31, 2008

What up Yesterday was my day to show my G-Unit self  So early in da day i hit Gen-ex and got some "get up gangsta gear" you know what i sayin? Word up. From da words of  My boi T.I. "you can have whateva you like" Dis is all i want. Gen-ex Get up and my cell phone. Dats how i roll